$10 laptop coming from India on February 3rd, or so they say

siemens_nixdorf2-full While companies have been toiling away at breaking the sub-$100 notebook price point for ages now, an Indian company is ready to show off a notebook that costs – ready? – only $10. Actually, right now, it would cost $20 but mass production should drive it down they say. The notebook apparently still comes equipped with 2GB of memory, WiFi, Ethernet, and expendable memory. No word on anything else technical though like CPU or screen size. Who are we to call this product vaporware so early. It might turn out to be true and surprise us all on February 3rd. Or we could all just enjoy a collective chuckle.

Update: If this is the same laptop as last year’s “$10 laptop from India,” (and I’m quite sure it is) then like last year there has been a transcriptional error of some sort; the cost is $100 after all, and the cost of production is $200. The author of this post has been vigorously flagellated.