Hands-on Touch Revolution's NIMble Android-powered platform

nimbleCES is filled with gadgets and gizmos that are known about months ahead of time and so the real jewels are the booths from previously unknown companies. Case in point is Touch Revolution and its sweet NIMble platform that is ran by *gasp* Android.

So there I was, strolling through one of the mundane halls at CES and ran into this booth that was proclaiming the worlds first Android powered home device. My expectations where low but quick I discovered that this device shows promise.

Android runs well on the touchscreen. The resolution is crisp, the screen mostly responsive, and the apps are okay. All the standard Android apps are there and there is a custom built UI skin that runs household apps like recipe holder, weather, stocks, email, and whatever else techie hockey moms would use.

Besides the one finished looking product, the rest of the devices are simply tech demos. Expect the final product to look a lot more polished – hopefully.

If, and I kind of think that this is a big ‘if’, this product can make it to the market, it could be a game changer in the home automation and universal remote field. It seems their buisness plan is to source these devices out to content providers who would then in turn charge a monthly or one time fee for them. Hopefully these thing will make their way into households ’cause they are as sweet as they look.