Sony updates its camcorder lineup

CES brings big changes to Sony’s camcorder offerings. High-def camcorders are getting big HDDs and there are a bunch to choose from with ranging pricing. Non-HD camcorders are getting the same hard-drive treatment too and will start at attractive MSRPs. Don’t want a built-in HDD? Cool, Sony has new HD flash models too. Oh, and there are new DVD models too. Full details after the jump.


The HDR-XR520U will be the king of Sony’s consumer regime when it drops in March for $1500. This puppy is loaded with 1080p recording, 12 MP still shot, built-in GPS receiver and NAVTEQ maps, but most importantly, a 240GB HDD takes care of all the HD recording. That means 101 hours of 1080p in LP mode. That’s a lot.

The rest of the XR lineup sport nearly the same specs just with smaller hard drives – and prices. The HDR-XR500U ships with 120GB HDD at $1300. THe HDR-XR200U loses some processing power but retains the 120GB HDD and ships for $1000.


The standard-def models are going to start out at $400 for the DCR-SR41 with a 60GB HDD. $50 bucks more gets you 80GB in the DCR-SR87. Both of these are launching in February. 



Flash memory ‘corders are getting an upgrade in March. The DCR-SX60 comes packing with 16GB memory embedded with a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot for even more memory. $370 in March. The DCR-SX41 is ’bout the same thing except it has 8GB and $300 price.


Sony isn’t done with DVD either. Some peeps still like to hold their memories. Whatever. The DCR-DVD650 is dropping in February for $300. It is loaded with a 60x optical zoom which is impressive.