Ooh, an updated Pacemaker (the DJ device-thing) on the way this spring


Wannabe DJs everywhere will have the opportunity to play with an updated Pacemaker this spring. It’s just like being Hernán Cattáneo, only without the fame, fortune and living like a night owl.

Right, so Sweden-based Tonium will release an updated Pacemaker sometime this spring, so says a finely worded message currently hanging out in my inbox. (Exact date is still unknown.) Apparently the company’s engineers have focused on improving the device’s user interface, which should make mixing (and the like) somewhat easier. There’s a 60GB hard drive this time around—the previous model had a 120GB hard—but maybe there’s a few SKUs in the work. We’ll see in a few weeks, I suppose.

Meanwhile, “Headphone Silence” was my favorite house song of 2008. Should I get my hands on the new Pacemaker you can guarantee that I’d work the song into my set. Yes, I’m a dork.