Samsung announces the world's first 64GB SSD full HD camcorder


Samsung has just announced the H-series camcorders. Doug and I love Samsung’s camcorders and I think I’m ready to trade my SC-HMX10C for one of these. The HMX-H106 has the distinction of being the first camcorder equipped with a 64GB SSD. The HMX-H105 packs a 32GB SSD while the HMX-H104 is half that with a 16GB SSD. Bringing up the rear is the HMX-H100, which is sans SSD and requires an SD/SDHC memory card. The switch to SSD is the big thing here.

But they all shoot in full HD and use H.264 video compression. A Schneider lens takes care of the visuals with a 37mm wide-angle focal length. There’s a built-in flash so you can take 4.7-megapixel stills and view them on a 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD. Like the SC-MX20, the H-series features the time lapse mode but in HD. The H106 will be available in April while the others will hit the street in March.