1,000 free accounts on LiveAps for TechCrunch readers

Privately backed LiveAps Liveaps is a drag’n’drop page webpage builder not unlike a kind of Dreamweaver for those who want to build a site visually. There are a number of competitors out in Europe these days, not least of which is Webnode which showcased at Le Web in December.

However, LiveAps founder Paul Christian tells me the site has been re-jigging its model since last year and will now be based on subsciption revenues (£30 a year for a fully hosted, unlimited pages drag’n’drop website), not advertising, and is contemplating sharing software revenues with franchises/partners on a by-country basis.

They are giving away 500 1,000 free accounts for 2009 (priced at £30 for the year each) available exclusively to TechCrunch UK readers – use ‘TC’ as the promo code when registering at liveaps.com. Might be worth grabbing one for yourself or someone you know.

Here’s a video of how it works: