Reminder: Get 50% off a yearly subscription to NewsDemon

The nice guys at NewsDemon just offered you guys a coupon for 50% off monthly service between now an next Wednesday. Why? Because they want to pull Usenet out of the file sharing ghetto and expand their audience to cool people like you (us).

How do you get the goods? Roll over to NewsDemon and sign up for a monthly service with the coupon “CRUNCHGEARRULES.” As long as you keep re-upping, you’ll get the discount for a year.

What can you do with Usenet? Well, besides the obvious hax0ring, Usenet is one of the largest worldwide forums in existence. There are plenty of groups for every prediliction and folks like Newsdemon are working on bringing the service into the 21st century to compete – and work with – with social networks and smaller forums. We’ll have a primer up soon but until then, give it a whirl.