Plug-in car AV gizmo with 4GB of storage, FM transmitter, and 1.5-inch screen


Billed as "an ultra portable car media player with FM transmitter function," the Plug-in Car MP4 Player from Chinavasion appears to be a pretty simple and straightforward solution to getting some music and movies going in your car with minimal fuss.

Everything’s encapsulated in a cigarette lighter apparatus with a 1.5-inch screen. There’s 4GB of built-in memory along with an SD card slot for adding more storage. Just plug it in, find an empty FM station, and start transmitting music.

The UI looks like it’s probably atrocious at best — as are most of the interfaces on these cheapie doodads from the Far East — but the side-mounted forward and back buttons are likely all you’ll really need to worry about, right?

File support includes MP3 and WMA for audio and "AMV" for video, even though it’s listed as an MP4 player. I’ve never heard of AMV, but hey, if you’re hell bent on watching video on a 1.5-inch screen while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, then you’ll probably find a way to convert the files.

So how much would you expect to pay for such a device? $300? NO! $200? NO! $150? NO! How about $29.88?! Hooray!

Plug-In Car MP4 Player with LCD Display + 4GB Memory []