Casio uses mini figures (and girls) to promote their G-Shocks


Casio Japan [JP] has teamed up with a few famous artists, i. e. director Spike Lee, to promote their G-Shock watches, which had their 25th anniversary in 2008.

Shiro Nakano, a Japanese designer, is one part of the so-called Project Team Tough [JP] that is meant to find ways to boost sales of G-Shocks in Japanese watch stores.


His (unnamed) figures [JP] can neither move nor speak but look quite cool. They are not for sale either and just exist to look cute next to G-Shock displays (they are currently being used in over 100 Japanese stores nationwide).



In another remarkable promotion approach, Casio hired renowned photographer Yasumasa Yonehara who contributed a few pictures of models wearing G-Shocks to boost theĀ  brand image.

Via IT Media [JP]