Novo Minoru, the world's first and last red/blue 3D webcam


Remember those awful movies where a 3D effect was effected by having two images, one red and one blue or green, and then you wore those dorky glasses to see the magic? Sure, nostalgia’s great, but let’s be honest, they were also terrible and made your brain hurt. Now you can have that special kind of headache in your very own home with this interesting but doomed device.
Reg Hardware has reviewed the thing, and the verdict is… well, the verdict is that it’s a 3D webcam where you have to wear those glasses. Fortunately it’s not that expensive (£50) so it may be picked up by a few people as an impulse buy.

I think the best thing to do would be to find a way to play 3D Rad Racer or World Runner with one another. That would make it all worthwhile.