Crayon Physics for the iPhone on video, looks great

Even though I don’t have an iPhone, I’ve been looking forward to the release of Crayon Physics for the platform just so I can reap the secondary benefits: telling people about it, trying it out, and seeing another independent developer make good. I’ve been following it since its prototype release and it’s nice to see it bloom into a full-fledged product, not unlike World of Goo.

If you haven’t played it before, Crayon Physics is a physics-based (natch) game where you draw shapes to get a ball to a star. It’s reminiscient of The Incredible Machine or Fantastic Contraption, except a little less restrictive and a little more zen. You can preorder the full version here.

Although I’m sure I’ll prefer the precision of the mouse, it looks like the game has been adapted wonderfully with the iPhone’s strengths in mind.

[via Kotaku]