Vertor offers a safer BitTorrent site

vertorVertor is a new BitTorrent site that aims to eliminate fake torrents and spam. Every torrent on the site is checked for viruses, DRM and password protected archives by Vertor’s software. A nice advantage of this site is that users are able to preview the contents of torrents before they download them. For every video file, Vertor takes several screenshots so users can verify that they are downloading what they actually want. Users can also listen to a 20-second preview of music torrents to avoid downloading the wrong files.

A minor inconvenience of Vertor is that it takes one or two days to verify each file before it becomes available to download on the site. On the plus side, this site is completely ad-free, for now. I don’t use any BitTorrent site, but if I were to try one, this sounds like the safest and least annoying bet. However, we don’t expect this site to last long since it hosts pieces of what could be copyrighted music, so download away while you can.