Small girl dies after dad drops TV on her

_45332366_emilyhughes282 Wow, this is sad news. A little girl in Wales was killed over the holidays when her father accidentally dropped a large TV set on top of her. The family had received a flat panel TV for Christmas and, after installing it, Robert Hughes carried the old, heavy TV downstairs to store it. Unaware that his four-year-old daughter Emily was lying at the bottom of the stairway playing Nintendo DS, Hughes accidentally stepped on her, causing him to fall forward. He apparently tried to throw the television set out of the girl’s way, but it landed on her head.

Paramedics were called and Emily was taken to a nearby hospital, where she died later that night, "suffering from a lack of blood and oxygen to the brain," according to BBC News. I’m sure we can all recount various times where we’ve lifted something that’s probably a bit too heavy to be carried by a single person. Old TV sets are especially dangerous due to their awkward shape and massive weight. Imagine how many people drop these things on their feet every year, not to mention the freak accidents like this one. Careful, folks.