Last minute gift idea for you insensitive nerds: SmileBooks: DIY photo album

Is this a gadget? Heck no! Do we insensitive nerds need help with gift ideas for the lady folk? Yes!

This is probably something you should have done in advance, but if you’re like me then a gift certificate is good enough! SmileBooks offers a variety of different sized photo albums to meet your needs/budgets. Download the SB software, upload some images, pick some patterns and you’ve got yourself a fancy photo album. It’s pretty high quality, actually. Kind of like your HS yearbook with a hardback cover and thick, glossy paper.

There are five different sized SmileBooks that come with 26 pages to start that range from $10 to whatever you feel like spending. Extra pages can be added in lumps of 8 starting at $4 depending on model. This doesn’t have to be a sappy photo album either. Aspiring comic book artist? Inventor? I think you get the idea.

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