"Playstation 2 Portable" on eBay

Homebrewer Ben decided that existing handheld systems just weren’t cutting it, so he went about creating a portable version of that venerable PS2. However, instead of hacking a controller onto a display and putting it all together, he appears to have put his PS2 Slim in a bag with a battery and is selling it for $500.

Okay, okay, that’s a pretty rough way to look at it. He’s basically packed all the bits necessary into a portable DVD player case just big enough to hold everything: PS2 Slim, a pair of batteries, and all the connectors you’d need to plug it into the wall and the included 5″ TV — which sits on top of the console.


So it’s not really a ripoff or anything, but it really is a bit silly. And the fact that he’s selling his personal unit (comes with what are clearly his controllers and games) suggests it’s not really working that well.

I guess if you absolutely must play Dragon Quest VIII on the way to work, this is technically the only option – except for a laptop running PCSX2.