The RIAA will stop its policy of filing lawsuits every 2 seconds (but now it's working with your ISP)


The RIAA has decided to stop filing pointless lawsuits against John and Jane Doe for alleged copyright infringement. Rather, the bullying cartel will work with ISPs to get you kids to stop downloading Fallout Boy, the All American Rejects and other self-described popular music.

From now on it’ll work like this. The RIAA sees that you’re uploading (“seeding” in BitTorrent parlance) 808s and Heartbreak and will send a letter to your ISP. Your ISP, then, will notify you that you’re on the RIAA’s radar, and that you’re to knock it off, or else. Depending on the ISP, you’ll be given a number of warnings, which could be accompanied by bandwidth throttling, before having your connection terminated.

The RIAA won’t say which ISPs have agreed to its new scheme.

Meanwhile, decent, hard-working people are losing their jobs left and right as a result of Wall Street’s unfettered money orgy; good luck getting sympathy from these people. But go ahead, RIAA, keep pretending that some 9th grade girl seeding Brittney Spears’ Circus is putting the your industry in the pour house.