Shocking study: Young people watch very little TV anymore, spend time online or using other media


A new study confirms the obvious: the young are watching less and less TV, spending their time using the Internet and playing video games instead.

The study, carried out by Deloitte, shows that the older one gets, the more TV one watches. People in the 14-25 age group (that’s me!) watch, on average, 10.5 hours of TV per week.

People aged 26-42 watch 19.2 hours per week.

People aged 43-61 watch 21.5 hours per week.

Several things can be taken away here. One, good luck, advertisers, trying to reach your precious “young” demographic; the kids are too busy playing World of Warcraft and watching Blu-ray rips of The Dark Knight. Good things young people traditionally don’t have too much disposable income to throw around.

It also shows that older people are less likely to hop online to whittle away their remaining hours. In other words, think again if you plan on starting a social network for the elderly.