McCain campaign sells old BlackBerry for $20 with loads of private information still present


The three ring circus known as the McCain campaign continues to provide us with hilarity even though it ended, what, six weeks ago. A fire sale of sorts was held the other day at the former campaign headquarters and a local Fox TV station was able to buy a BlackBerry for only $20. Even more amazing is that the campaign never bothered to clear out the BlackBerry’s contents.

It was filled with phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other private information. Lobbyists, politicians, journalists, etc. Some 50 phone numbers in total were on the BlackBerry.

To moral of the story is, if you’re going to sell your BlackBerry (or any device with personal information on it) be sure to wipe it clean beforehand. Otherwise you’ll look like a fool, and aggravate all of your friends and associates.