Man alive, 15 Xbox mods that are marginally impressive!


Oh, lists. Nothing is quite as boring as the “Top 10 Who Cares of Current Year.” (Speaking of which, we’re wrapping up our own end-of-the-year lists right now. Look for them next week!)

Speaking of lists, Unreality Magazine, which seems to be where lists go to die (“Most Soul Sucking Video Games,” “Best Movie Gunfights,” “Memorable Movie Psychopaths” “Best Lists About Movie Gunfights,” etc.) has put together the Top 15 Xbox Mods OF ALL TIME. It’s amazing. There’s the “Blood Spatter” Xbox; the “I’m a PC” Xbox; the “Oooh, Shiny” Xbox; and, my favorite, the “Gator Skin” Xbox. (That last one actually looks pretty neat, if I may. That’s why it’s there.)

Pointless link bait, sure, but link bait about Xbox. Hence (all of this).