Contest: Give us an interview question for a shot at a $50 gift card

(Thanks to Virgin Mobile for passing the $50 dollar gift cards our way!)

In the series of $50 gift card giveaways we’ve had so far, this is our third. Well, actually, if you count the one we gave away on our Twitter feed last night, it’s our fourth. Congrats to Chance (Contest 1), Zulay (Contest 2), and Bernardo (Contest 3, via Twitter) on walking away with 50 greenbacks just in time for Christmas. Haven’t won yet? Don’t sweat it. We’re not even a third of the way done yet.

For this next one, I’ve decided to combine two different posts. I’ve got an interview coming up next week with Tracy DeMiroz, the VP of Marketing for the Skyfire mobile browser, and I wanted to reach out to our readers to see if they had any questions they might like us to ask. At the same time, I want to give away these gift cards.

How to enter: Suggest one question to ask Skyfire. We’ll pick a few that we’ll use in our interview, and from this shorter list, pick a giftcard winner at random. In other words, if we decide to use your question, you’ve got a really, really good shot at the giftcard. Post your question down in the comments below. If multiple people suggest the same (or a very similar) question, only the first person to have suggested it gets the shot. Contest ends on 12/14 at 6 pm PST

(Pst, keep an eye on our Twitter feed tomorrow)