EnviroStat gadget holds cells inside force field

Force fields aren’t just used to obstruct the TMNT, they are actually being used by scientists to improve research. A new gadget called EnviroStat (“Environment”+”Constant”) can hold individual cells in an electric force field, potentially leading to improvements in drug trials or even biofuel production. EnviroStat was developed by Andreas Schmid and his colleagues Lars Blank and Hendrik Kortmann at the Dortmund University of Technology in Germany. With this gadget, researchers will be able to evaluate the individual cell response to a single variable while other conditions are kept stable. According to Schmid, the new gadget could smooth out some of the complexities involved in cell studies of drugs. Click here to see a video of this thing in action.

[Editorial note by Devin: it’s only a matter of time before the machines adapt this technology to trap their flesh-based enemies in an electrical bubble. Beware the Robocalypse!]