American scientists have no idea what they're doing re: nanotechnology


Apparently the U.S. is walking “ass-backwards” into nanotechnology, which is totally not surprising. We’re not properly assessing the risks involved with playing God, we’re not telling the public what we’re working on and we’re not even sure why we’re messing with the science. (“We” being the scientists involved.) What’s worse is that, since we basically have no idea what we’re doing, we’re not sure if these tiny little wonders will affect the body any more or less than other, non-nanotechnologically-derived products. That’s what the National Research Council said yesterday, at any rate.

The NRC report is a warning to American scientists and layman alike: “Figure out where you’re working on before you dive head first, all wily nily, into something no one understands yet.”

Just a fun reminder that, yeah, people of all shapes and sizes, of all creeds and backgrounds, can be horribly irresponsible.