Dudes keep Motorola clinging to its market share for one more year

Motorola somehow managed to keep its position this year as the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the US, according to a report by analysts at Multimedia Intelligence, but things aren’t looking so hot for next year. The analysts predict that RIM and Apple’s penetration (heh) into the mobile market are causing heartache for Moto and its 21% market share. Samsung and LG are looking to overtake the big bad batwing in the next year.

Samsung, Blackberry and LG led in the 12-17, 35-44, and 35-34 age groups, respectively. Samsung also flashed its lady-killing skills as the most popular among the fairer sex while Motorola threw a sausage party for all the men in the house.

Also absolutely shocking to me is that women make up nearly 60% of Treo customers. That means that out of the approximately ten Treos sold last year, six of them belong to ladies.