China's i6 Goal Android phone uses Wi-Fi in lieu of 3G


This is the i6-Goal, an Android cellphone created by Chinese firm TechFaith Wireless and QIGI. Like all Android phones, it lets you browse the Web, watch dumb YouTube videos, send email, etc. Presumably it also makes and receives phone calls.

There’s no 3G here (which is par for the course in China), with the Wi-Fi connection providing the speedy Internet connection.

She also lacks a physical keyboard, instead only using a touchscreen one. If the BlackBerry Storm has taught us anything it’s that companies better damn well figure out their touchscreen before shipping, lest the press absolutely hammer their phone.

(The phone can run Windows Mobile, too, but that’s nearly as interesting.)

Will you see it in America? My guess, based on absolutely no information, is no, you won’t.

via Slashphone