Be on the lookout for crooked electronic voting machines tomorrow


My fellow Americans: tomorrow’s the big day, Election Day, wherein we are able to exercise our right to wait in line all day at a fire house or elementary school, rubbing shoulders with “neighbors” and trading pleasantries about what we think about that Obama fellow. It should be fun.

Yet, our voting system stinks. Not only that, but our voting system could be vulnerable to fraud, and not that theoretical ACORN nonsense. We’re talking about rigging electronic voting machines to affect the tally, much like what Homer Simpson experienced.

A compsci professor at Princetown has warned that electronic voting machines can be hacked in as little as six or seven minutes. (His name is Edward Felten, and he was on the D.L. Hughley show on CNN last night showing how the vote could be rigged.) The affected machines are made by Sequoia Voting Systems, which has threatened to sue the professor for besmirching their machines, violating license agreements, etc. That’s good—silence a whistleblower.

Expect allegations of fraud all around in the next few days.