Flixwagon now compatible with Nokia's Share on Ovi

After the announcement that Qik would be a featured download on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, it looks like competitor Flixwagon is prepared to battle for their chunk of the Nokia mobile streaming market. Flixwagon has announced that they’re now compatible with Nokia’s Share on Ovi media hosting service.

Once a user downloads the latest Flixwagon for Symbian application and plugs in their Share on Ovi details, they’re able to share live and stored videos directly to their Ovi account. While sharing a video to Ovi doesn’t provide any functional benefits over sharing it to just Flixwagon, it allows those who use both Share on Ovi and Flixwagon to keep all their content in one place without nearly as much hassle.

While it’s not quite clear how much work was required on Nokia’s part, Lior Nir, Director at Nokia’s Entertainment & Communities group, had this to say:

“Nokia is committed to helping people capture and share their mobile experiences anytime and anywhere. This integration with Flixwagon is another step in enabling people to connect in a powerful yet simple way.”

That said, it seems like Nokia’s holding off on putting all of their eggs in one mobile streaming basket – a smart move. While we all have our favorites, the battle for mobile streaming king has only just begun. Between the Qik shortcut on the 5800 and working with Flixwagon to integrate it into Ovi, they’ve established relationships with two major players without either requiring all that much work on Nokia’s part (we’d assume), nor does it lock them in to either service. Now, what about Kyte?