Qwitter is about to break up a lot of twitter 'friends'

Qwitter is an interesting new Twitter app. It basically sends you an email telling you when someone unfollows you on Twitter and includes your last twitter update in that message. Whether they unfollow you for that last tweet or not, who knows, but it may have some relation to why someone unfollowed you.

The site is up and down right now as it seems to have got a lot of interest, for obvious reasons. As Ireland-based co-developer Eoghan McCabe says, this “changes the game for Twitter-based relationships”. Now, you can’t secretly unfollow friends or associates anymore. If someone unfollows you, you’ll know and you’ll be able to ask them why. That means it may break up a few twitter friendships. Then again, it may even improve a few. At least you’ll be able to ask someone why they unfollowed you. Maybe people will will learn to use Twitter in a smarter way?