Robo-Q: Tomy unveils thumb-sized walking robot

Japanese toymaker Tomy Co unveiled Robo-Q, which is what they say the world’s smallest walking robot. The two-legged toy is just 3.4 centimeters high and weighs 12 grams.

Robo-Q can detect obstacles and navigate through a maze using built-in infrared sensors. Users can also play games such as soccer with the battery-powered robot via a wireless controller. Charging the battery for 30 minutes is enough for 5 minutes of operation.

Takara Tomy said Robo-Q will be avalaible in white, orange, red and silver from next February. The company also announced its newest toy will make its way outside Japan as well but failed to give an exact date. In Nippon, Robo-Q will cost $35.

Takara Tomy showcased Robo-Q at Robo Japan 2008 [JP] last week but hasn’t set up a dedicated website yet.