Toshiba Portégé R600: 2.4 pounds, nine hour battery


Toshiba has announced a handful of new notebooks to the Canadian market. Most bonerific is the new Portégé R600, which manages to weigh less than two and a half pounds while still sporting day-long battery life – nine hours according to Toshiba – and a built-in DVD Super-Multi drive. There’s 1GB of RAM built right into the system board, too, with the default configuration adding a second 1GB stick to the one open upgrade slot. That particular setup includes a 1.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor and a 160GB hard drive for $2,399 Canadian ($2133 US).

Or for $3,299 Canadian ($2933 US), you can get a 1.4 GHz processor, half the RAM (1GB), and a 128GB solid state drive. The Portégé R600 is currently only available from Toshiba Canada’s online store but I’d guess it’d be showing up in the US soon.

Toshiba also announced the business-y Tecra R10, the Portégé M750 Tablet, and the somewhat affordable, yet powerful Portégé A600.

The tablet isn’t up on Toshiba Canada’s site yet, but the A600 starts at $1,499 (CAD), weighs just over three pounds, and promises eight hours of battery life and the Tecra R10 starts at $1,999 (CAD), is touted as a desktop replacement (only a 14-inch screen, though), and features a 200GB hard drive spinning at 7,200 RPM.