FUZEbox: home media all-in-one setup

I’m no expert in these little home media boxes, but I suspect they are excellent investments for those of you with too much money. Certainly the abilities of a Vista Media Center type setup are enviable, but for $2000 you could have put another 10 inches on that screen and built a media box yourself. But I digress (and am probably wrong). This FUZEbox has up to 2TB of space, does DVR and basic media stuff, and networks itself into your home (360 support coming) — if you know how to do that or are willing to pay.

Interestingly, in the press release it promises “The capability to back up and distribute DVDs and Blu-Rays to various video zones,” but in the FAQ it helpfully states “There are a multitude of software options available for individuals to purchase that allow archiving of DVD content to their personal computers.” In other words, you’re on your own — but we won’t ask any questions. A safe position, I guess, but it would have been nice to have that capability on board. Watch the demo video here if you’re curious.