Silverstone's "Raven" mouse: freaky, possibly nice

As we saw in the last barrage of mouse reviews, there’s a lot that goes into making a good pointing device. While seasoned mousemakers like Razer won out at the end of the day, NZXT showed it can make a nice device even though they are more in the hard hardware business. Well, looks like Silverstone is making a similar bid for expansion. They’re known for their power supplies and cases — I know I was considering a Silverstone PSU at one point so they can’t be too shabby — but this new mouse might be a breakout product for them. It’s certainly original-looking.

They seem to be going after the general shape of old Microsoft Explorer mice, but with this enormous bulb on one end. It seems to rotate, though there’s no way of saying how natural that feels until you try it yourself. I like the idea of two ways of scrolling; the buttons on the right side of the mouse make me nervous, however. How often are you going to hit those on accident? NZXT’s Avatar had a similar issue. Maybe it’s an ergonomic problem common to new mousemakers. At any rate, it looks like it might be cool but somewhat expensive ($85 right now).