Nintendo announces the DSi – and Punch Out!

The DSi is 2.6mm thinner than the DS. The GBA slot has been axed. Screens are 17 percent larger, 3.25-inches. VGA camera. Music playback. SD slot allows you to transfer images to the Wii Photo Channel. Onboard memory. A DSi store will be launched to download content via Wi-Fi. You can use your Wii points, which is now being called Nintendo Points. Built-in Web browser. November 1 launch in Japan for 18900 yen (~$180).

Press conference is over, there’s lots more after the break. More here at Nintendo’s site, and videos here.

10ish They’re increasing the love between Wii and DS. Now you can download stuff and take pictures and transfer them to Wii. Software too! Download a game in a coffee shop, take it home and play it on the Wii? Yes please. You can download stuff directly onto an SD card via the Games Channel too. Wi-fi adapter for Wii coming too. They’re really pushing the online stuff, shipping a little movie detailing how to connect and what you can do online.

DS/Wii love for new Final Fantasy game, as well as new Animal Crossing. Maybe that’s why the graphics are so booty, it was actually a DS game the whole time, not Wii. Animal Crossing comes with Wii Speak, costs $75.

Ack!! They’re showing Punch-Out!! Why am I not in Japan?! And Sin and Punishment 2? WTF NINTENDO that one’s for some hardcore fans. Dynasty Warriors on the Wii — hope it doesn’t suck.

Uh, Monster Hunter 3! Time for me to get a Wii, I guess.

10:50 Miyamoto is talking about Wii Music. Bring back Punch-Out!

11:00 Miyamoto still talking. No amount of convincing will make this happen, big guy. Focus your gaming brain on making a new Blaster Master instead.