Shock: Research shows UK iPhone users are happy with their device


New research shows that UK iPhone users are as happy as can be with their device, despite some of the earlier hiccups associated with the iPhone 3G’s launch.

The survey, conducted by a research company Wavemetrix, suggests that it’s the apps, stupid, that make the iPhone so gosh darn attractive. One user said that he checks daily for new apps, and that he buys an average of one app per day. That’s music to Apple’s ears, no doubt.

Also of note, games. It seems iPhone users love the games available for the platform. People can’t get enough of Super Monkey Ball, even if controlling it can be a little unwieldy at times.

And I—I took the road less traveled by. I don’t even own a cellphone anymore, so there. I like not being bothered with dumb texts every two minutes. Maybe I’ll get one when I return to the U S of A?