Lego MMO developers relying on hardcore Lego fans' expertise to create authentic experience

legouni 1

Oh this made me laugh. The developers behind the upcoming Lego-themed MMO, Lego Universe, want to make the game as authentic as possible. Fair enough, sure. But how do they ensure that? One method: by using a team of more than 50 die hard Lego experts who essentially function as hired consultants. “More this, less that.” Et cetera. I never was a Lego fan growing up (more of a TMNT kid, to be honest), so I’ve no idea what “this” or “that” might entail.

This is becoming more and more common, developers using fan knowledge to help create video games. The upcoming DC comics MMO is doing a similar thing, having hired a guy to make sure all the superhero interactions make sense, gel with lore, etc.