The Stanley 3-in-One LED Flashlight should be in your car right now

If you have ever had to change a tire in the dark, you can probably imagine how handy a tripod flashlight can be. If you have ever changed a tire on a snowy night, you understand why you would want the 95-155 Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod Flashlight to lend a hand. I had too last winter, but in my “Eagle Scout always prepared duffle bag,” I had a big Maglight which is in fact, the worst flashlight to have on a cold night while changing a tire by yourself.

Two AA batteries power a single LED in each of the three breakout units. Stanley claims that each bulb emits 20 lumens, resulting in an impressive 60 lumen total brightness. You really should have something like this in your car for emergencies. Want this one? Stanley lists the flashlight currently in stock for $29.79.

Stanley via Toolmonger