NTT Data paves the way for new kind of lead-acid batteries

Tokyo-based NTT Data developed a manufacturing process to prolong the life span and reduce the weight of lead-acid batteries. The company said it will make use of its new technology in uninterruptible power supplies and possibly in automotive applications.

Production of conventional batteries requires high quantities of lead to retain capacity because lead particles bind together over repeated charge and discharge cycles. This binding reduces the reactive surface area of electrodes that can help keeping lead particles apart, resulting in shorter battery life.

NTT developed a new way to make electrodes by mixing lead oxide with carbon nano particles and polyvinyl alcohol, enwrapping lead particles in a carbon matrix (which prevents binding).

The company claims their batteries retain over 60% of initial capacity after 6 years, which is three times more than existing products. Another result is a reduction in weight (minus 15% in average) and manufacturing costs (minus 10 to 20%).

Via Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]