BlackBerry Javelin goes for $17,100 on Ebay

Somewhere in our crazy world, a true BlackBerry fanboy spent 17 large for a pre-release BlackBerry Javelin. Either there is something shady going on here and the shipping box is packaged with baby mink fur, or actually, someone wants the latest non-3G BlackBerry Javelin. Sure, word is the phone does have WiFi and GPS, along with a speedy 512 MHz CPU and a HVGA+ screen, but who would spend more than a Toyota Scion for a phone?

Follow the jump for better uses of $17k than spending it on a BlackBerry.

  • Make a $17k sandwich
  • Pay rent
  • Two gallons of HP black ink
  • Buy a really nice used car
  • Buy a really crappy new car
  • Donate to my son’s college fund
  • Make your baby momma a proper woman with a one-carat diamond ring and still have money left over for a Pioneer Kuro plasma for you.

I miss anything?