WeHeartPlaces tries to be a delicious for places

We Heart Places describes itself as a “delicious for places”. Users drag a bookmarklet to their browser, then click the link anytime they’re on a webpage with a place they’d like to visit, and the place gets saved to their account. The site also works on the iphone / mobile. Adding places from a site is ok, but how do you enter the street address of a place in the middle of nowhere? A pin button locator would be handy. Perhaps the site itself is not exactly going to set the world on fire, but what is more interesting is that it features a lot of support for external services including OpenID, Brightkite and Flickr. In other words, there might well be a ‘space’ for a location-based delicious, when location based services really take off. It also has data export to kml for integration with mapping apps. The startup is part-based in Munich.