Openmoko publishes handset schematics

More on the open source mobile front, Openmoko announced that it will freely publish electrical schematics for its Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner mobile phones. Openmoko began its renegade opensource tactics when it first started shipping its Neo FreeRunner handset with a free, open source operating system and open applications on July 4th. The company said its initial supply has sold out.

The group also previously published the CAD files for the product under a Creative Commons license so product designers can alter the look and feel of the phone case, now with the published schematics, Openmoko says engineers can add functionality, external instruments or sensors, or assist it in debugging problems. Openmoko stands by opensource as the way to “ultimately create a better product for the entire mobile community.”

Openmoko Architect Werner Almesberger, said:

“One of the freedoms we value the most is the freedom to explore. To fully understand the details of complex systems, to adapt and enhance them. We now take our commitment to openness to the next level by releasing our schematics to the public, allowing anyone to find out how the system works and how to improve it.”

The schematics will be covered under a Creative Commons license and files will be posted soon on and