Interesting events for startups

• Tomorow marks the start of Leeds’ first web festival – “LS1” – a bunch of unconferences, keynotes and meetups that pretty much accidentally landed in the same fifteen day period of August. How do I know? Because that’s what Imran Ali, web maven of Leeds, is blogging about at the moment. One of the notable events will be an evening with Fred Wilson, who isn’t even doing an evening event in London as far as I know (perhaps I should ask him?)

• BarCampBrighton3 will be on 6th – 7th September 2008 and they are still after sponsors.

• It’ll immediately follow dConstruct 2008 also in Brighton

• The all-Ireland SeedCorn competition offers a startups prize fund of €280,000 and the deadline is Friday 26th September at 1pm. Get your entries in.

• Check out Virtual Worlds Forum (6-8 October) really the best UK event for virtual worlds, bar none. Use this code to get a discount: vwf0826.

• You simply have to go to Future of Web Apps Expo (October 8-10, 2008) at ExCel, London. To get 15% discount off a conference pass just register using F0WA-tc. And check out Future of Mobile in November too.

• Don’t forget to submit your entry for Seedcamp 14-19 Sept – the dealine is this Sunday, August 10th!

• Some other European events of note are Picnic 08, Shift, Web 2 Expo Berlin (21-23 Oct) and SIME, stockholm (November 12-13)

• And check out the London Hacker Meetup for readers of Y Combinator News.