The Sigma DP1 is a technical marvel, but that's about it


One month and change after DP Review gave the Sigma DP1 a so-so review, David Pogue now offers his two cents. Like DP Review, Pogue likes the SLR-in-a-point-and-shoot’s body, but says it’s not the end-all, be-all for the concept.

The Sigma DP1, in case you don’t remember, essentially puts an SLR sensor inside a point-and-shoot’s body, to mixed results.

While Pogue admits that the camera is a technical marvel, it doesn’t deliver as well as we might like. The lens doesn’t zoom; it’s too slow for proper action shots; the RAW files don’t work with PhotoShop; there’s no viewfinder, and the LCD washes out easily; and there’s no lens cap, for Pete’s sake.

Best advice: tread lightly with this one.