Silent washer/dryer, low-flow toilet, and a heat pump

Here are a few more strange and wonderful inventions from the Far East – this time from the Panasonic Center in Osaka, Japan. First up is a dead-ass silent washer/dryer combo, which I thought was pretty amazing. It’s a washer and dryer in the same unit, so you can pile all of your unmentionables inside, then set it and forget it. When it’s all done, your clothes will have been washed and dryed – no fuss, no muss and, most importantly, no sound.

Then there’s a cool low-flow toilet that uses a newly-developed flushing system and contains a little tank that you can fill with soap. Every time you flush, the bowl cleans itself. The toilet’s also made of a new type of glass, which stays much cleaner than the typical porcelain bowls.

Finally, we round things out with a look at heat pump technology, which basically entails the rapid expansion of air molecules being used to heat various elements. It cuts down on CO2 emissions by using less energy to begin with. I demonstrate how it works using a bicycle pump and my gigantic forearm strength – gained, no doubt, from all the typing I do on a day to day basis.