Qik goes into public beta

As you may have noticed, the TechCrunch Network kinda has a thing for Qik. Sure, its gone a bit awry on us in the past – and sure, its certainly got some competition. Challengers and occasional quirks aside, however, Qik rocks faces. When it works, it works damn well. Not to mention, it’s almost stupidly easy to use.

Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself. Now in public beta, anyone with a supported device is good to go.

In addition to opening the doors, they’ve unveiled a handful of new features:

  • Groups: Sub-communities, to allow for easier sharing amongst multiple people. Groups can be public, restricted, or private.
  • Events: Like groups, but less permanent. Know a bunch of people are going to be Qikking from Mac World? Create/join an event, and get organized.
  • Shiny new video player
  • Reduced latency (Less time between whats being recorded and whats showing up on screen)

To sign up, head over here.