CATCH 21 from Cellufun

The Game Show Network (GSN) and Cellufun have partnered to bring you the game CATCH 21 to your mobile phone. CATCH 21 is a game that blends brain teasing pop culture trivia with the strategy of the card game 21. To do well, you must be a master of both.

Like other Cellufun games, CATCH 21 is free. GSN is promoting its game show through the Web and on mobile devices. The online version of CATCH 21 already has hundreds of thousands of casual games engaging their brains online. Hopefully, many more will join the fun through their mobile phones.

“This deal represents the cutting edge of TV promotion,” said Arthur Goikhman, CEO and co-founder of Cellufun. “Integrating our mobile game into CATCH 21’s coverage on and really rounds out a fully integrated marketing campaign for the show.”

Free versions of CATCH 21 can be found at and AOL’s If you are interested in competing for cash, go to To get the mobile version of the game, go to or text Catch to 95495 to have instructions sent to your mobile device. You must have a data plan to play so some data charges may apply, depending on your service contract.

CATCH 21 premiers tonight at 7:30 pm Eastern on GSN.