aRtintimity: PostSecret Meets The Bathroom Stall

There’s a touching, almost comforting feeling that comes from reading PostSecret, the blog that uploads user-submitted postcards that have been inscribed with someone’s deepest confessions. With posts that run the gamut from hilarious to disturbing, the site serves as a reminder that despite the serious and professional facades everyone wears, we’re all a little nuts.

aRtintimity, a blog that launched earlier this month, is trying to recreate the magic of PostSecret – only this time, they’re doing it with toilet paper. Users are invited to submit photos of the things they’ve drawn on their favorite kind of toilet paper, which are emailed to a designated account and eventually posted. The domain name is awful and the concept is extremely derivative (and potentially disgusting), but the site has a point – you’re rarely as alone as you are in a toilet stall. Why not take the time to share your thoughts?

For those looking to give aRtintimity a spin, here are the guidelines:

1. Once alone in a toilet, express on a piece of toilet paper what you are thinking about at that moment.

2. Be as original/sensible/artistic as possible when you personalize your piece of toilet paper. The goal is to break the taboo surrounding this room and to evoke emotion and create discussion.

3. Once finished, take a photo of your creation and email it at