Top 10 of the weirdest stuff currently available in Japanese online shops

Here are some very “interesting” gadgets and questionable items I recently found on the web while trying to get a birthday present for a Japanese friend of mine (who is very rich and hard to please). And yes, Japanese people also think these things are weird, believe me.

Top 10: Anti-boar electric fence ($235 online price)
The manufacturer says their fence is especially effective against boars and bears but also can be used to fight off monkeys and foxes.

Top 9: Karate board for posers ($18)
If you are too weak to break a wooden board but still want to “get the great feeling of destroying stuff” (official tag line), this device might do the trick.

Top 8: Anti-belly suspenders ($67)
These suspenders double as a girdle (almost).

Top 7: Fly-away alarm clock ($53)
This thing will fly off when the alarm is activated, forcing you to wake up and catch it.

Top 6: Golf tees with built-in bikini girls ($26 for 4 tees)
No comment.

Top 5: Sexy silhouette mirror ($77)
The manufacturer offers this mirror to motivate women with weight problems to get closer to their dream body.

Top 4: Frog-shaped can crusher ($25)
This looks useful for a change.

Top 3: Fire-fighting flowers ($23)
The flowers are made of plastic, iron and nylon. They look great in your kitchen and they can put out fires.

Top 2: Hello Kitty Survival Kit ($94)
Ideal for those people who like looking cute in any situation, even as disaster victims. The set consists of a blanket, a bag, a rucksack, a pillow, a bandana and an alarm buzzer with built-in lamp.

Top 1: Groper’s mouse pad ($9)
The skirt can be unbuttoned and leaves me speechless.