TAG Heuer Meriidist: Wha?

I’m trying to get an image on this but TAG Heuer just announced a watch with a cellphone complication. The first TAG watch, made in 1860, was called the Meriidist and this odd duck is an homage to the original. More as we get it.

The first pocket-watch with a phone complication

• Bi-directionnal hour display dedicated to time
• Chronograph measuring the 1/100th of a second, with a Laptimer function
• Perpetual calendar
• Countdown
• World clock
• Alarm

TAG Heuer was born in 1860 in Saint Imier, Switzerland, with its pocket watch and with the MERIDIIST we finally have today TAG Heuer’s pocket watch of the 21st century.

It is exceptional to have a revolutionary pocket watch 148 years after, revolutionary because it is displaying time differently, a digital time, it is also a perpetual calendar but above all it is a time which allows communicating globally, and all that is the MERIDIIST pocket watch.

Subtle blend of

– Function with impeccable performance
– High Ergonomy
– Iconic Design
– Perfect Execution inherited from 150 years of Swiss watchmaking experience

Function with impeccable performance

Made to communicate
– 28 days autonomy, 7 hours communication
– State of the art acoustic – Unique combination of Sound processing and mechanical acoustic chamber design
– To ensure the best reception possible, TAG Heuer optimized through 5 prototypes and over 200 engineering hours the sensitivity of the antenna.

High Ergonomics

– Unique Secondary Top Screen
To address time and incoming calls

– TAG Heuer Side Switch
To politely reject calls, to reverse time and launch 1/100th of sec. chronograph

– Mechanical Sliding Camera Shutter
To trigger automatically the preview mode

– Simple User Interface
Start up menu reduced to five entries/Graphical pure renderings

– All in One USB Plug
To recharge from Mains, Computer and exchange data

Iconic Design

Designed for Individuals
Curved, straight lines and angles emphasizing Strenght and Beauty
Inspired from Microsplit and Monaco products

Outside of fashion and ephemeral styles
316L watchmaking steel
60.5 carats of Sapphire crystal glass

Elegance and refinement
A new way of behaving with time and communication

Through the use of two unique design features – the dual display screens and the TAG Heuer switch, which allow for discreet checking of the time and call management – it endows its owner with the ability, for the first time, to use their communication instrument in the elegant and refined manner befitting of their true personality.

Swiss watchmaking experience

No Compromise for Quality

– A project launched 5 years ago and developed since 3 years (a usual time frame in complicate horology product development)
– 57 homologation and quality tests (almost all the tests endured by a TAG Heuer watch except non adequate like water resistance)
– 430 components sourced from the best suppliers (as no obligation to buy to a unique mobile constructor)
– Hand assembled in a dedicated workshop
– Buttons assembly and perfect adjustment is ten times more complex than a chronograph which has only two buttons, the MERIDIIST has 20 buttons.
– Watchmaking materials

The perfect cosmopolitan travelling companion, uniting formal purity with functional perfection, the MERIDIIST will change the way you communicate forever

• Swiss engineered and hand assembled from 430 components
• Constructed from corrosion-resistant, watch making 316L steel
• Unscratchable 60.5 carats sapphire crystal dual displays
• Front independent time unit
• 28 days power reserve
• 7 hours of talktime

A timeless iconic design for a unique communication instrument