Google starts Street View mapping in UK. And here's the evidence

Somewhere in Google’s picture archive of UK streets there is now a picture of a man holding up a camera, photographing the moment when Google’s unmarked Street View car captured his London street in a full 360 degrees. How do I know? Because he sent me the above.

But even as Google starts its photo-mapping of the UK’s streets, the BBC is reporting that Google’s activities “could” be referred to the Information Commissioner. Privacy International, a UK rights group, which believes the technology breaks data protection laws, is stirring up a lot of press on the matter, as they are concerned that Google needs a person’s consent if they end up on StreetView. Google says it is trialling a face blurring technology.

Privacy International has written to Google’s lawyers and asked for technical information about this, but wants an answer inside seven days or they’ll pull the trigger on writing to the UK’s Information Commissioner seeking a suspension of the service in the UK.

But it looks to me like the Street View car has already left the garage…