Libido booster pills from Japan

If you are never satisfied with your partner’s libido, these pills from Japan might do the trick. The so-called H na koto o shitaku naru kamo shirenai-kyandii [JP, pictured left] (I probably am going to get horny-candy) can be found in Amazon Japan’s “Toys and Hobby” category [JP].

In case you really want to get wild, you can try the Midarana kimochi ni naru kamo shirenai-kyandii [JP] (I probably am going to get lecherous-candy).

The candy is delivered in small bags ($3 for 5 pills) and manufactured by Tokyo-based toy maker Marusou [JP].

And before you ask: Amazon doesn’t ship the pills overseas and I have never tried them. However, I am tempted to order the candy along with this DVD to improve my sex life and save on shipping costs at the same time.