Jaybird citizen review

I sent the Jaybird stereo bluetooth headset out to Dr. Adam Keith of Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy to test in his daily 10 mile run. He reports:

If my IPod could speak, it would be screaming “Hallelujah” ever since I plugged in my Jaybird wireless earphones.  You see, my iPod has taken a beating this winter on the treadmill from my arms inadvertently hitting the earphone wires sending my iPod airborne. One morning not too long ago, it almost wound up on the treadmill and the women next to me at the gym.  It would have made a great conversation starter if I was single, but those days are long gone and now I just look clumsy. When I opened the cool-looking box of Jaybird earphones, I was a little intimidated by all the gadgets… a charger for the earphones, an adapter for my iPod, and another adapter for an mp3 player.  But once I opened up the boxes and read the simple instructions, I was ready to listen wire free in no-time.

  I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the sound and volume quality and when my headphones were adequately charged, I was blown away by the quality.  It didn’t pick up any interference and the volume cranked just like my other wired earphones.  The freedom of movement on the treadmill was such an added comfort that it made my morning run even that much more enjoyable.  As far as comfort and fit goes with the ear buds, my set fit fine although it does take a little adjusting to get just the right fit.  For those who have a thing for small ears, the ear buds while they wrap around your ears, make even the smallest of ears look big…for me, a very small price to pay for the freedom of having no wires banging into my arms, face, and chest while I’m running.  Dr. Fitness gives the Jaybird a big thumbs up and a must buy for every athlete who listens to music while they exercise.  I can’t even wait to take them with me on my next 10 hour drive in the car as well!!!!